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Surgical Face Mask

This face mask is a 4-ply premium medical grade face mask. The face mask is made of melt-blown filter fabric with ≥98% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and ≥96% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency), which works to block out bacteria, pollution, pollen and dust particles from your surroundings.

  • Extra Soft for Sensitive Skin
  • Does Not Cause Glasses to Fog Up When Exhaling 
  • 4 Layers for Ultimate Protection
  • Ultra Gentle Earloops for Maximum Comfort
  • Lab test with MDA registered

KN95 & KF94 Surgical Face Mask

Our KN95 & KF94 face respirators are designed to limit unfiltered air entry and to securely fit to your face. Its 3D design is tight-fitting and protective to allow ease of breathability and communication. The side flaps stay flushed against your face and reduces the risk of the wearer readjusting their face mask. This provides a secure seal and double protection from all sides of the face mask.

  • Extra Soft Sensitive Skin
  •  Does not Cause Glasses to Fog Up When Exhaling
  • 4 Layers for Ultimate Protection
  • Ultra-Gentle Earloops for Maximum Comfort
  • Lab test with MDA registered

MEDI-CARE Sanitizer & Disinfectant Spray

The Medi-Care Disinfectant Spray is suitable for home disinfection, the office and even schools. The spray can be used on hard surfaces such as the bath tub, toilet seats, table tops, flooring, switch buttons, door handles, kitchen tops, etc. It can also be used on soft surfaces such as the sofa, and other fabrics. Just spray it on and let it dry.

  •  Eliminates Odour
  • For Hard & Soft Surfaces
  • Quick Dry & Non Sticky

Personal Protection Equipment

Our body protection is made of premium non woven fabric, non-woven is extensively used in the medical field and in protection against biological agents in other sectors. With today’s multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria and virus, non-woven can help in the fight against cross-contamination and the spread of infection in a medical or surgical environment.

  • Surgical grade and use for virus protection
  •  KKM Approved, CE,FDA,MDA Registered
  • Individual Packing, comfortable fit design
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